About Us


Why Vegan (pronounced VEE-gun):

Every year BILLIONS of animals are tortured and killed for food, experimented on in labs, butchered and skinned for fur, discarded in shelters or chained & beaten for entertainment. This is inhumane, unsustainable and unnecessary. So as not to support these atrocities, vegans do not eat or wear animals and seek to use only cruelty-free products that were not tested on animals. Veganism is compassion in action. It is a philosophy, diet, and lifestyle which embodies vibrant health and environmental consciousness, and recognizes the rights of all living creatures extending to them compassion, kindness, and justice.

Who We Are:

Rogue Valley Vegans is a community-based group whose mission is to inspire compassion for animals. We celebrate this meaningful life path and come together in a joyous spirit to spread the message of compassion for all beings and work to strengthen our local and global vegan community. We invite you to join us for the betterment of your health, the animals and our planet!

We are here to serve vegans in Ashland, Medford, Grants Pass and all of Southern Oregon!

Listen to an interviews with founder, Mary Olivo

Local radio KSKQ FM 89.5 interviewed Rogue Valley Vegans founder, Mary Olivo, about veganism and Rogue Valley Vegans.  Check it out!

All Things Vegan radio show interviewed Mary discussing why she went vegan and what prompted her to create RVV.