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Welcome Vegan Supporting Merchant!

There is a huge demand for cruelty-free vegan products and services and we invite you to tap into this wonderful market!  We ask all local businesses to expand their menu or product line to include more vegan options.  In return, we will support and promote your business and you profit by selling cruelty-free fare. It’s a WIN-WIN!  We offer restaurant and product reviews, and will promote you via our website, Enews, social networking and educational outreach events. If you are a restaurant, we will host an event at your establishment and follow up with a review! If you don’t currently offer vegan products or services, but want to and need help, we are here to help you in any way you need.

How We Support You: 

  • We host events at local establishments which help stimulate the local economy.  
  • We help increase demand for vegan products, services and menu options thereby supporting both the merchant/establishment and the vegan patron(s).
  • Our online product and restaurant reviews provide unbiased information to vegan consumers helping them make informed purchases and increase sales and excitement for the product or place of business!  
  • We help make the Rogue Valley intriguing to prospective new residents and tourists by showing we are a progressive and caring community.
  • For restaurants who want to create or expand vegan options, but need help, we offer a RESTAURANT VEGAN GUIDE! ...

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How You Can Support Us:

  • Offer discounts to members of Rogue Valley Vegans.  
  • Offer a product or invitation to sample a meal or service you would like reviewed.*  
  • Sponsor an event.
  • Add our link to your website!
  • Add vegan options and products or increase your existing vegan inventory or menu.
  • Spread the word that we exist!

Together we can create a more gentle world!