Why Vegan

We [humans] use and abuse animals in any way we see fit.  We skin them alive, dismember them while conscious, slit their throats, anally and vaginally electrocute them, use them as test subjects and put caustic substances in their eyes until they rot out. The list goes on. Why do we do this to other sentient beings who feel pain and have the same desire to flourish and live as we do?

Rogue Valley Vegans proudly stands in adamant opposition of these atrocities.  If you happened upon this site and feel an opening of your heart, we invite you to join us.  Your life, and the lives of countless animals, will be changed forever.  Although these images are incredibly disturbing, they can be the catalyst to opening people's hearts and minds.  These horrific occurrences happen every second of every day.  It is a horrible and painful reality.  However, you can make a difference!  Going vegan is a meaningful and exciting journey!  You will feel good knowing you are not contributing to the cruelty and exploitation of other beings.  You will enjoy amazing cuisine and experience profound health benefits.  Many vegans also report feeling more connected to the natural world.  It is a life rich with meaning, substance, love and compassion.

If you want to learn more, please contact us!