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Mostly raw but definitely vegan enchilladas

This beautiful raw vegan dish was put together creatively using actual recipes and throwing some things together.  However, here goes an attempt to assemble the instructions:

I call these semi-raw vegan raw enchilladas. They are corn torillas filled with pumpkin seed pate´, lettuce and olives topped with enchilada sauce and avocado dressing.  (In this recipe, we are recommending a tomato sauce and guacamole.)

Tortillas:  (Here's part of the throw together!)

4 bags of frozen corn (you can use fresh if you have the energy to remove the corn from the stalks.  I didn't)  Allow the corn to thaw.  Mix down in a food processor. 
Add apprx 3/4 cup ground flax seed or more to make it thicker. 
3 tsp + 1 sea salt

    Continue to blend ingredients in the food processor until consistency is paste like. You may need to split into two mixtures depending on the cup size of your food processor. Spread mixture apprx 1/8" thick on teflex sheets and dehydrate for apprx 6 hours. Remove teflex sheets and dehydrate for apprx. 3-4 more hours. 

    Pumpkin seed pate´

    1 cups Pumpkin Seeds (soaked overnight -that becomes like 2 cups after soaked)
    1/4 cup Sundried Tomato (soaked at least 20 min)
    1.5 Tbl White Miso
    1 tsp. sea salt
    1 Green Onion
    .5-1 cup water

      Mix all the ingedients for the pate in a food processor.

      Tomato Sauce

      2 cups sun dried tomatoes
      1 small tomato
      1/4 medium onion
      2 tablespoons lemon juice
      1 teaspoon sea salt
      pinch of hot pepper flakes

        Blend the ingredients for the tomato sauce in a blender.


        3 large avocados or 4-5 smaller avocados
        3-4 tomatoes or equivalent portion of cherry tomatoes
        1-2 bunches of cilantro
        1 lemon

          Dice the tomatoes. Remove the cilantro leaves from their stems and finely chop them. Cut the lemon in half. Remove the avocado flesh from its skin, place it in a bowl, add the other ingredients, and mash thoroughly with a fork.

          When the tortillas are done, line the inside with desired amount of pumpkin seed pate´, lettuce and olives. Roll and top with tomato sauce and guacamole.  Delicious!!!