Liquid Lips by Aromi Beauty

aormi liquid lipsticks

After trying 15 million (no exaggeration) "long wearing" matte lip products over the years and always disappointed, I was skeptical about Liquid Lips being anything special. Boy was I wrong!  Dare I use the word "magic!"   The formula is like nothing else. It goes on super wet and dries fast, but with plenty of time for perfect placement.  And when I say perfect placement, I mean it!  The applicator and formula allow for absolute perfection every single time and you do not need a liner.   Even with intense reds and vibrant pinks, the colors never bleed and they stay put with a capital P!

In my opinion, the real miracle is that Liquid Lips does not leave that creepy ring on the inner lips like most long wearing lip products. It lasts all day too.  It's like the post office for lips.  Through rain and sleet and snow!  (Actually, it's WAY better than the post office, as they are unreliable and screw up all the time!  But you get the picture!)  It is quite miraculous. And holy mutha the colors. Deep and vibrant reds and rich blue pinks without nasty crushed beetles.

I am super stoked about this product because I love a beautiful matte look.  Thanks to the gorgeous owner of Aromi Beauty, Hannah, for making such amazing vegan products.  Hannah is a chemist by the way.  She shared with me that she combined her 2 favorite things … chemistry and lipstick.  She is my hero!

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Emani Cosmetics - Crushed Mineral Blush - Barely There

emani-crushedblush-bareHow many times can I boast about the quality of Emani's cosmetics?  Maybe one more time?  There is just something special about the consistency of Emani mineral cosmetics and the crushed blush is no exception.  This formula and color is quite buildable, yet due to the natural tone of this color, it yields the potential of you looking like a clown!  Barely There is so pretty.  It gives you that very natural flush look.  It has a very very slight shimmer adding to its luminosity.  The packaging is solid and very pretty.  Emani obviously put a lot of thought into their products and I for one appreciate this!

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Emani Cosmetics - Vegan Blush Brush

This is a nice little brush.  The bristles are really soft and the handle is cool.  It's definitely nice quality.  I would personally use it more for travel.  The size does come in handy if you want to control the area of application.  I really like this brush, I am just used to a larger size.  It's vegan though and no one got hurt so I love it for that alone!!

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Emani Cosmetics - Mineral Color Dust - Champagne

This finely ground very soft mineral dust is like magic!  I tried it as a highlight under my eyebrow, as a cheek highlighter, as a light shimmer over my shadow on my lid, and I even tried it as a body duster.  It was so pretty in every application.  The consistency is super smooth and the powder is very finely ground.  Other mineral powders can be ... how do I say diplomatically... rough, cheezy and chunky.  They commonly have large particles.  You can feel the quality of Emani's mineral products by the consistency alone. It goes on like a second layer of skin!  Champagne is very versatile.  This swatch really is not accurate.  It is much lighter and not as intensely warm.  It is in the warm family, but oh so subtle.  I would know because of my olive (almost jaundice) complexion.  If something is going to turn orange, it will on me!  Champagne is classy.  No more to say.

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Emani Cosmetics - eye shadow duo - Mercedez

I have been wanting to try Emani Cosmetics for quite some time after reading other positive reviews.  When I recently received some of their products, I was not disappointed!  I often find other mineral cosmetics to be impure.  Emani is clearly an exception!  The consistency of this shadow is soft as silk. It is so finely ground and goes on incredibly smooth. Mercedez duo is a gorgeous natural combination.  It is warm and lovely.  This combo would compliment any eye color wonderfully.  I have hazel eyes and it made them pop in a beautiful and subtle way.  The packaging is rich and gorgeous!  It is very nicely done.  You can feel the high quality just when snapping the top shut.  I also love the silver foiled logo and artwork.  I am a designer so I appreciate good packaging.  This is very nicely done...inside and out!

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Urban Decay eye shadow - Stray Dog

I needed a nap to regenerate before posting another Urban Decay review.  All this excitement takes a lot out of a gal!  I need to make sure I appropriately convey just how great these products are.  So fasten your seat belts my little vegan and vegan curious friends... here we go!

I have a gazillion brown eye shadows covering the gamut of every range, tone, hue, texture, finish and formula pretty much known to man.  So why would my first eye shadow from Urban Decay be brown? Well, because I also have every range of every other color too so why not another brown!  Truth be told, this is not just another brown.  This is one of those perfect taupe's that you keep going back to.  It is a true taupe with the most subtle mauvish undertone.  I was hesitant to even mention the mauve undertone because it is so subtle and only detectable to a keen eye (and to someone who has every other brown eye shadow on the planet to compare it to.) I have read many other reviews about UD eye shadows stating they are highly pigmented, smooth and long wearing.  They did not lie.  They go on so smooth and there is none of that crazy fall out that some shimmer shadows leave.  I'm glad I started with Stray Dog because it is just one of those colors that quickly became my frequently used favs!

Urban Decay lip pencil - Heavy

urbandecay247liplinersUDlipliner-heavyAs referenced in the photo I used in the review for Paranoid 24/7 lip pencil, Heavy has a shimmer to it.  UD calls it "shimmering nude."  I am really appreciating more subdued colors these days. I really love the shimmer in Heavy and Wicked.  They are the only two UD 24/7 lip pencils with a shimmer.  Heavy is a rich, deep, true brown nude and the shimmer quality makes it very unique.  If Urban Decay ever discontinues this product line, I will need psychotherapy.

Urban Decay lip pencil - Paranoid

urbandecay247liplinersUDlipliner-paranoidJust when I thought I had reached the height of all fabulousness...I get to another level.  Paranoid is described as a "pinky nude." Now don't get confused between Paranoid and Naked just because they use similar words to describe both colors.  Naked is a neutral pink and Paranoid is a pinky nude.  I know I know.  It's confusing!  Luckily, I am here to help!

(Stepping away from my computer to apply colors on my skin as a testament and commitment to YOU...my readers!  Oh the lengths I go to.)
OK, I am back.  See the difference?  Paranoid has a lot more pink and is a bit darker.  You can also see the sheen in the shimmer formulas of Wicked and Heavy.  Again, how many times can we thank Urban Decay for these amazing pinks without the use of carmine?  Paranoid is also a must have.  Perhaps it seems as though Urban Decay is paying me to promote their products.  I wish!  No, that is not the case. I just am passionate when I find a great vegan product let alone a beautiful addition to my makeup arsenal!

Urban Decay lip pencil - Naked

urbandecay247liplinersUDlipliner-nakedHoly mother of God Naked is nice!  (I figure it's only fair to address the mother of all mothers since I included God in another recent review.)  

I am insane for Urban Decay's 24/7 lip liners!  They are hands down, without a doubt the most amazing lip liners ever.  You readers best sit down because I am about to use a word I do not utter easily....LUXURIOUS!  That's right.  Luxurious! These liners are nothing short of perfect.  They are smooth, creamy and moisturizing as can be yet stay put all day. How the hell did they do it?  Naked is freaking gorgeous.  Again, UD produces the perfect nude with a pink tone. They call this a neutral pink and that it is.  It's not too light like a lot of other nude pencils.  If you have never tried these liners or any other UD products, start with Naked 24/7 lip pencil.

Urban Decay lipstick - Apocalypse

UDlipstick-apocalypseOK, don't be scared!  This color is not the end of the world!  I could spend all day naming makeup colors, but I would never dare consider naming a lipstick Apocalypse!  But who the hell am I?  Obviously I am not as courageous as Urban Decay.  Again, I digress. 

Apocalypse is simply referred to as "blackberry" by UD.  It is a sheer coverage with cream texture.  Bust out your UD chart girls and boys!  You would think by the swatch that we are about to embark on a serious goth adventure and we could if we wanted to.  However, it is all in the building application.  This does not go on near as dark as the swatch would imply.  If you put it on lightly, it is a beautiful berry making your lips look like a deep natural stain.  If you build it up, it is rich rich rich!  This color can be worn in the day no problem whatsoever.  For some interesting reason I found this color to be slightly more drying than the other sheer colors.  I don't know why.  It is still more moisturizing than most other lipsticks.  I decided to live dangerously and order it in spite of the swatch color.  I am 48 and my goth days are over.  I was very pleasantly surprised by this color and impressed again by Urban Decay's production of cool purple and pink undertones without the use of carmine.

Urban Decay lipstick - Lovechild

UDlipstick-lovechildDear God thank you for pinks and thank you to Urban Decay for producing cool pinks without the used of crushed bugs!  If God exists, then she is guiding Urban Decay in their labs while they mix their luscious pinks.  Hot damn I love this lipstick!  I love all pinks...warm, cool, dark, light, cream, sparkle, etc., etc.  You get the picture. Lovechild is a sheer cream formula.  It is a very subtle color.  It makes your lips look like the color you would dream them to be naturally.  Speaking of God, why can't my lips look like this when I wake up?  Come on God!  Get with the program.  Where are your priorities?!  Here's my prayer: Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray oh God to get me pink!

Two words folks....Get Lovechild!