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Steve Madden handbag - BCrystal Satchel

Written by Rogue Valley Vegans on .

Have I ever mentioned to you faithful readers that my mottoo is you can never be too sparkly?  Well it's true!  I really like this purse.  So many purses these days are tacky, gaudy, and scream bad accessory.  I will always love black everything.  Yes, I have goth roots, but how can anyone go wrong with basic black anything?  Besides, this is obviously not basic.  It has a beautiful gradation of sparkle created by silver, copper and gold lines of studs.  This purse comes in all silver studs too, but I opted for the cool gradation version.  I have a lot of criteria when choosing a handbag and I take this check list very seriously.  Think about it.  You bring your purse with you pretty much everywhere you go and you are in and out of it a million times a day.  So my checklist is: Shoulder strap is a must, zipper must open and close with ease, it must be able to hold all my stuff (which is a lot), I need to be able to take things out easily so the opening has to be fairly large. Forget those dainty evening bags.  Those have never and will never be for me!  Maybe I have too much baggage to carry?  Once again, I digress. Also, of course, it has to be cute! This purse includes a detachable long strap.  Check.  The zipper is smooth.  Check.  It is 12" wide and 7.5" high so it can hold all my crap.  Check.  The opening is wide so I can get at my stuff easily.  Check.  It sparkles and is cute as hell.  BIG AND FINAL CHECK!

This purse is not on the Steve Madden website so you will have to do your research.  I bought mine from Macy's.