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Liquid Lips by Aromi Beauty

Written by Rogue Valley Vegans on .

aormi liquid lipsticks

After trying 15 million (no exaggeration) "long wearing" matte lip products over the years and always disappointed, I was skeptical about Liquid Lips being anything special. Boy was I wrong!  Dare I use the word "magic!"   The formula is like nothing else. It goes on super wet and dries fast, but with plenty of time for perfect placement.  And when I say perfect placement, I mean it!  The applicator and formula allow for absolute perfection every single time and you do not need a liner.   Even with intense reds and vibrant pinks, the colors never bleed and they stay put with a capital P!

In my opinion, the real miracle is that Liquid Lips does not leave that creepy ring on the inner lips like most long wearing lip products. It lasts all day too.  It's like the post office for lips.  Through rain and sleet and snow!  (Actually, it's WAY better than the post office, as they are unreliable and screw up all the time!  But you get the picture!)  It is quite miraculous. And holy mutha the colors. Deep and vibrant reds and rich blue pinks without nasty crushed beetles.

I am super stoked about this product because I love a beautiful matte look.  Thanks to the gorgeous owner of Aromi Beauty, Hannah, for making such amazing vegan products.  Hannah is a chemist by the way.  She shared with me that she combined her 2 favorite things … chemistry and lipstick.  She is my hero!

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