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Sevi - Mineral Foundation

Written by Rogue Valley Vegans on .

Mineral makeup is very popular these days. I was thrilled when the prospect of using something as natural as pure minerals for foundation emerged.  However, as with most fads, many companies jumped on the band wagon and falsely marketed their products. I found most mineral foundations to be either too sparkly or freaky opaque and filled with all kinds of unnatural and even toxic ingredients.  Sevi Cosmetics Mineral Foundation is the best I have tried so far.  The finish is translucent, but very build-able for more coverage.  I personally like a very natural look for foundation so I appreciate that my skin shows through yet it evens out my skin tone.  Sevi Mineral Foundation is also truly pure.  Sevi is committed to purity and cruelty-free in every sense of the word.  It is free from nano particles, titanium dioxide, artificial fragrances or essential oils, bismuth oxychloride, animal by products (carmine), talc, pigments with nanoparticles, preservatives such as parabens and synthetic dyes (FD&C/D&C lakes).  Sevi also offers high quality synthetic brushes for mineral foundation application.  Look for a review on her fabulous foundation brush coming soon!

There are other truly natural mineral makeup companies emerging, but I found Sevi's foundation to be the most natural looking.

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