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Urban Decay lipstick - Wanted

Written by Rogue Valley Vegans on .

UDlipstick-wantedOK kids, you are about to get blasted with a bunch of Urban Decay reviews! I am on an Urban Decay craze.  I am so impressed with their products and I love that they have a vegan section on their website.  Thank you Urban Decay for making conscious shopping for great cosmetics so easy!

So onto the matter at hand: For you UD lipstick virgins, allow me to enlighten you.  UD lipsticks come in different formulas and different textures.  There is full coverage (FC), semi-sheer (SS) and sheer (SR) and each color has a various texture e.g cream (CR), sheen (SN) or shimmer (SM).  The website is very clear on coding each lipstick according to its coverage factor and texture.  

It is very difficult to decide which Urban Decay lipstick I love the most, but Wanted is definitely in the running!  It is described as a warm berry.  It is a berry color for certain, but it is not so warm that it turns orange by any stretch.  I am an expert in reddish tones turning orange being of Italian descent.  Wanted is a SR/CR, which translates into sheer and cream as the above formula description explains.  Although it is considered sheer, it has a beautiful amount of pigment with the first application and can be built up easily.  This color is gorgeous!  It stays true to color all day. It brightens you on a drab day and makes your lips luscious and moisturized.  Some people on other makeup review sites report there is a negative taste and smell to UD lipsticks.  I don't find this to be the case at all. There is a semi-noticeable scent, but it is not bothersome if you ask me.  I think it has a subtle vanilla scent and I don't notice it after 2 seconds once applied.  I think this color would compliment any skin tone and any hair color.  It is just that perfect!