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Urban Decay lipstick - Rush

Written by Rogue Valley Vegans on .

UDlipstick-rushDid I say earlier that I struggled to decide which UD lipstick was my fav?  How does one choose a favorite color?  It's like being faced with choosing if you like your arms better than your legs!  OK, maybe a little drastic comparison, but I love lipstick so this is a serious dilemma.  I can confidentially say Rush is my favorite nude---ish lipstick.  It is described as a neutral pink by UD.  I think the subtle pink hue is what makes me love this so much.  Totally brownish nude colors can wash out my face because of my olive complexion. Also, my lips are not naturally pigmented like some lucky gals so I need the boost.  Rush is a perfect color for the days I go more intense on my eye makeup or when I just want an overall more natural look.  Rush is another color that would likely compliment any skin tone or hair color.