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Urban Decay lipstick - Apocalypse

Written by Rogue Valley Vegans on .

UDlipstick-apocalypseOK, don't be scared!  This color is not the end of the world!  I could spend all day naming makeup colors, but I would never dare consider naming a lipstick Apocalypse!  But who the hell am I?  Obviously I am not as courageous as Urban Decay.  Again, I digress. 

Apocalypse is simply referred to as "blackberry" by UD.  It is a sheer coverage with cream texture.  Bust out your UD chart girls and boys!  You would think by the swatch that we are about to embark on a serious goth adventure and we could if we wanted to.  However, it is all in the building application.  This does not go on near as dark as the swatch would imply.  If you put it on lightly, it is a beautiful berry making your lips look like a deep natural stain.  If you build it up, it is rich rich rich!  This color can be worn in the day no problem whatsoever.  For some interesting reason I found this color to be slightly more drying than the other sheer colors.  I don't know why.  It is still more moisturizing than most other lipsticks.  I decided to live dangerously and order it in spite of the swatch color.  I am 48 and my goth days are over.  I was very pleasantly surprised by this color and impressed again by Urban Decay's production of cool purple and pink undertones without the use of carmine.