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Urban Decay eye shadow - Stray Dog

Written by Rogue Valley Vegans on .

I needed a nap to regenerate before posting another Urban Decay review.  All this excitement takes a lot out of a gal!  I need to make sure I appropriately convey just how great these products are.  So fasten your seat belts my little vegan and vegan curious friends... here we go!

I have a gazillion brown eye shadows covering the gamut of every range, tone, hue, texture, finish and formula pretty much known to man.  So why would my first eye shadow from Urban Decay be brown? Well, because I also have every range of every other color too so why not another brown!  Truth be told, this is not just another brown.  This is one of those perfect taupe's that you keep going back to.  It is a true taupe with the most subtle mauvish undertone.  I was hesitant to even mention the mauve undertone because it is so subtle and only detectable to a keen eye (and to someone who has every other brown eye shadow on the planet to compare it to.) I have read many other reviews about UD eye shadows stating they are highly pigmented, smooth and long wearing.  They did not lie.  They go on so smooth and there is none of that crazy fall out that some shimmer shadows leave.  I'm glad I started with Stray Dog because it is just one of those colors that quickly became my frequently used favs!