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Emani Cosmetics - Mineral Color Dust - Champagne

Written by Rogue Valley Vegans on .

This finely ground very soft mineral dust is like magic!  I tried it as a highlight under my eyebrow, as a cheek highlighter, as a light shimmer over my shadow on my lid, and I even tried it as a body duster.  It was so pretty in every application.  The consistency is super smooth and the powder is very finely ground.  Other mineral powders can be ... how do I say diplomatically... rough, cheezy and chunky.  They commonly have large particles.  You can feel the quality of Emani's mineral products by the consistency alone. It goes on like a second layer of skin!  Champagne is very versatile.  This swatch really is not accurate.  It is much lighter and not as intensely warm.  It is in the warm family, but oh so subtle.  I would know because of my olive (almost jaundice) complexion.  If something is going to turn orange, it will on me!  Champagne is classy.  No more to say.

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