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Vegan Nutritionist - Brenda Davis

Written by Rogue Valley Vegans on .

Brenda Davis is a leading vegan nutritionist.  Not only is she incredibly well versed on vegan nutrition, she went vegan because of her compassion for animals!  Brenda is a well renowned author and her books on the vegetarian, vegan and raw food diet are accessible, informative and a must have for anyone journeying into this lifestyle.  She is an amazing resource as well.  I have been vegan for a long time so I have a good handle on nutrition.  However, I wanted to check in with a professional.  Brenda lives in Canada, but offers long distance consulting.  She sent me a questionnaire to fill out, which was very thorough and targeted issues I was concerned about.  It also included a 3 day food record for her to access my eating habits.  She thoughtfully and carefully read my submission and prepared her findings and evaluation before our phone appointment. She skillfully honed in on what adjustments needed to be made to ensure I was meeting my nutritional requirements based on my caloric intake.  Only small changes needed to be made, but they made all the difference in the world!  Brenda is a joy to talk with.  She is genuine and caring and we are so lucky to have her as a resource!!!

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