Dave's Killer Bread

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I was in my local Co-Op grocery store a few years ago and ran across a tiny display with some really stout looking bread, with a logo of a cartoon muscle-bound stoner looking dude playing a guitar. "Dave's Killer Bread" it was called. Far out. I grabbed a loaf, flipped it over, and read the story of Dave Dahl, an ex-con who had done 15 years behind drugs and drug related crimes, and who now had turned his life around and was baking bread. Dave spoke of using his time to exercise, play guitar and really get in touch with himself, and he spoke of the ability of suffering to propel us into awareness. He even had a Gandhi quote on the label: "Be the change you want to see in the world."

I wanted to buy a loaf just to support this guy. I was a former addict and "Denizen of the State" myself, and I remember the hopelessness and desperation of that lifestyle. I also remember the lousy rot-gut food they served in there, and am surprised that everyone doesn't become bakers and chefs when they get out. But what I remember more than anything, is the sense of clarity and liberation I felt when I surrendered. As Dave puts it, life didn't become easy, but it became worth living.

But what really sealed the deal for me was when I read the ingredient list. Not only was Dave's Killer Bread vegan, it was organic and made with sprouted grains and a host of seeds and nuts. Plus it was loaded with protein, which (probably like Dave) I am borderline obsessed with. And of course we are forgetting one important point:

Hence, "Dave's Killer Bread". Dave has 12 varieties of bread when I counted last, in a variety of seed and grain combinations, plus hamburger (veggie burger) buns, a baguette called the "Peace Bomb" and something called the "Sin Dawg" which is quite possibly the greatest cinnamon roll I have tasted in my whole life. Dave supports sustainability, and donates to many charity organizations. 

Rock on, Dave.

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