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Sauce Restaurant - Vegan Food Review

Written by Rogue Valley Vegans on .


I am about to make a bold statement, but one I feel confident I can stand behind: Sauce Restaurant is THE place to get the best vegan meal in all of the Rogue Valley!

The style of food is hard to describe, but on their website they use the term “Healthy Comfort Food.” I think that is pretty accurate; however, when I think of comfort food I think heavy. This is not exclusively the case. Yes there are rich and heavier choices, but you can get a deeply satisfying lighter choice with their Build-A-Bowl option. I'm sure the chefs went to great lengths to create their other vegan masterpieces, so I apologize for taking control and always wanting to build my own bowl (thanks to being a Virgo!) Seriously, though, I was personally elated when they added Build-A-Bowl to the menu option because ... well ... I like getting what I want and the way I want it! You can choose a grain, an array of decadently cooked veggies (e.g., braised kale, caramelized onions, miraculously and magically cooked Brussels sprouts, yams, butternut squash, roasted cauliflower just to name a few), and a protein choice of tofu cooked and seasoned to perfection, black beans, or golden dal. You also have amazing vegan sauce choices to add such as Green Sherpa, which is creamy spicy goodness; Ginger Teriyaki; mango sauce; and more. I need to backtrack and say that I have been vegan for over two decades, so you would think I have mastered the art of cooking veggies, but Sauce kind of puts me to shame! What the heck do you guys do to your veggies to make them so completely unforgettable! (Rhetorical question :o) Have I raved enough about the Build-A-Bowl option? Probably not!

A few of the ready-made dishes are already vegan, but they can veganize others, so be sure to ask. I can only speak about the Gaia Bowl because again … I am a control freak and always want to build my own ingredients, but when I had the Gaia Bowl, it was in fact dreamy! They refer to it as the "Mother Bowl." Need they say more? It has roasted organic carrots, organic cauliflower, brussels sprouts, yams, butternut squash, kale, and dal all mixed in a special sauce.

They have amazing appetizers and are adding vegan desserts. 


Oh, did I mention they use organic whenever possible? Bonus! AND, equally and possibly more important, the owner has went to great lengths to make the kitchen vegan friendly. I won’t lie; I wish they would take dead animals off the plates. Their vegan dishes prove there is no need to eat animals. However, although they do offer meat, we are SO grateful that they have a high consciousness about veganism and they work hard not to let any animal ingredients sneak their way into vegan dishes. They color code pans and utensils used for vegan dishes and even color code their recipes for the cooks. I have talked with the owner about this and I can tell you she is so respectful about the sacred choice not to consume animals and she could not be more supportive. 

Sauce’s ambiance is casual and cozy. One of the owners custom built the tables, benches and some light framing, which are all beautifully crafted. The lighting is warm and inviting and the colors vibrant and cheerful. My only critique is that they could invest a little more in their décor. Some of it is quite outdated. Their food is just too outstanding to be served with interior inadequacies. Admittedly though, they could serve in a back alley and it would not stop me from ordering up one of their dishes!!