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Does not get better!

Written by Rogue Valley Vegans on .

I have lived in the Rogue Valley for over 14 years and, after all that time, I don't think a day goes by that I don't feel so blessed to live in this beautiful region.  Being in nature is so grounding and a powerful reminder of our humble place in the world.  We are so privileged to live on this sacred planet and it is not ours to exploit. When we harm our home and others who share it, we harm ourselves.  I personally can get really down about the mass exploitation of animals and our planet.  There is so much suffering and we are literally killing the very organism that sustains our existence.  Living on earth could and should be a paradise yet we cause indescribable suffering and irreparable harm.  So what can we do as one tiny microbe in the grand scheme? The biggest impact you can make as one person is to go vegan. It is truly one of the greatest contributions you can make to the world as an individual and it's a no brainer why you would make this choice.  Every time you choose not to eat animals not only are you saving a precious life of a being who has the right and will to live free of harm, you are saying no to cruelty and yes to your health!  You are saying you will not support the industries who are causing insurmountable suffering and who are destroying our planet.  The other things you can do are joining with others and keep focusing on envisioning peace and well being in the world.  What we focus on grows so focus on love and compassion and share this focus with others and this is how we bring about change.

Although our little gatherings might seem like simple social events, they are truly much more.  Many of our members have told me how grateful they are to have found RVV and how energized they are to be around like-minded people.  This sharing of energy reaffirms our personal choice not to cause harm and it puts out a higher frequency to the universe and brings much needed positive energy to the world.  Cliche´as it is, love truly is the answer!  So although we all personally enjoy our gatherings, we are making a bigger difference then we might realize.

I am so honored to connect with the amazing people in our group.  Our members are intelligent, sensitive, caring and responsible and I am so happy Rogue Valley Vegans is comprised of such amazing people.  This is exactly what I had envisioned when I created RVV.