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The Vegan Peeps Keep Coming!

Written by Rogue Valley Vegans on .

I got an email the other day from a woman saying she is in town and considering moving here.  She found RVV in a web search some time ago. Anyway, whenever I am contacted by a vegan comrade visiting or new to the area, I go out of my way to welcome them and try to throw an event in their honor.  I consider Rogue Valley Vegans to be the AR vegan welcoming committee!  We had a great time last night and talked for hours with fiery passion about ending the exploitation of animals. Julie is an outstanding individual and very passionate about animal rights and changing the world (as are most of our members).  If she moves here she said she wants to get very involved in RVV so fingers crossed she stays in our beautiful region. 

Rogue Valley Vegans is truly growing leaps and bounds.  Watch out Rogue Valley!  Put down the flesh and step away from the plate!