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Dinner at Blue Toba

Written by Rogue Valley Vegans on .

We were all sad when Happy Falafel went out of business because they had a few great vegan options, however, enter the new Indonesian restaurant, Blue Toba!  All the food is made fresh to order and they use primarily organic ingredients.  Their tofu is organic and sprouted and man it is yummy!  We tried all 3 vegan options and everyone was really happy with them. The place is really tiny, and I mean REALLY tiny!  We had a great turnout and literally had to take over the whole place.  It is not the most optimal setup for big turnouts, as we cannot sit together, but we managed to mingle and have a great time.  The owner, Birong Hutabarat, is the main chef and he did an amazing job creating rich delicious vegan options and we awarded him with a standing ovation and applaud from our group. It was nice to see him smile from ear to ear!  Our most gracious and amazing member, vegan Chef Al, bowed to him with honor and respect.  I am quite moved by our members.  We are comprised of incredibly compassionate and honorable people and I am just so grateful to share time and space with them.